group.jpg - 6968 BytesDrawing inspiration from the work of prominent 18th Century cabinetmakers, Statesville Chair Company is committed to bringing the grace and serenity of earlier times into the fast-paced modern world. The classic themes of the past dominate the world of interior design, and Statesville Chair's diversity of styles and decorative details offer tremendous latitude for individual expression.

Each carefully chosen style has been reproduced by skilled craftsmen using the best quality fabrics, and carefully finished, carved mahogany. Although technological advances have allowed for a higher degree of durability, almost every step in the manufacturing process is still performed by human hands. The hidden features of quality construction parallel the time-honored joinery techniques of yesteryear, and each piece is finished and hand rubbed to create a collector's item - a beautiful heirloom to be handed down from generation to generation.

rms.jpg - 3006 BytesThe RMS TITANIC COLLECTIONTM continues to grow. Within the next year, more of the original Titanic furniture will be reproduced. Statesville Chair is proud to offer a piece of history to those who seek the excitement and sophistication of a bygone era.

An expression of commitment to preserving the very best in the American from Statesville Chair.

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